Scientific Themes

The general theme for ASMI2021 is Molecular imaging: From Diagnostics to Theranostics. This includes categories such as:

  1. Neuroscience
  2. Cardiology
  3. Oncology
  4. Metabolism
  5. Inflammation, Immunology and Infections
  6. New Chemistry and Probes
  7. Instrumentation and Methodology

A conference dinner will be held for those attending in-person on the first night of the conference.

ASMI program list

ASMI booklet

Virtual Poster Wall

Symposium program – Monday 21st June Day 1
Morning session
09.00-9.10Welcome and house keeping
9.15-10.05Opening session and presentation of
Plenary speaker 1: Prof Carolyn Mountford
10.10-11.25Abstract Oral presentations
11.25-11.40Morning tea
11.45-12.10Invited Speaker 1: Prof Gemma Figtree
12:15-12:50Sponsor Scientific Presentations
12.55-13.20Invited Speaker 2: A/Prof Xiaowei Wang
Afternoon session
14.00-14.50Plenary Speaker 2: A/Prof Michelle James
14.55-15.14Poster Presentations (3min talk)
15.20-15.50Sponsor Scientific Presentations
15.55-16.10Afternoon tea
16.15-16.40Invited Speaker 3: Dr Trang Nguyen
16.45-17.10Invited Speaker 4: Prof Trent Woodruff 
17.10-17.20Prizes for abstract and poster presentations for Day 1
17.20-17.35Sponsor Scientific Presentations
17.35-18.05Tour of TRI
17.40-18.40AGM meeting
19.00Symposium Dinner
Symposium program – Tuesday 22nd June Day 2
Morning session
8.30-9.35Sponsor Scientific Presentations
9.40-10.30Plenary speaker 3: Prof Kristofer Thurecht 
10.35-11.10Abstract Oral presentations 
11.15-11.30Morning tea
11.35-12.00Invited Speaker 5: Prof John Hooper 
12.05-12.20Sponsor Scientific Presentations
12.25-12.483 Poster Presentations (3min talk)
12.50-13.15Invited Speaker 6: A/Prof Juliana Hamzah 
13.20-13.35Sponsor Scientific Presentations
Afternoon session
14.15-15.05Plenary Speaker 4: Prof Liu Bin
15.10-15.45Abstract Oral presentations 
15.50-16.15Invited Speaker 7: Dr Tushar Kumeria
16.20-16.40Afternoon tea 
16.45-17.00Sponsor Scientific Presentations
17.05-17.30Invited Speaker 8: Dr Xiaowen Liang 
17.35-18.00Invited Speaker 9: Prof Tanya Smith 
18.05-18.15Prizes for abstract and poster presentations for
Day 2
18.15-19.00Closing TRI symposium (5min)
Workshop at The Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI/UQ) – Wednesday 23rd June Day 3
9.00-9.50Clarity Pharmaceuticals “Preclinical and Clinical Development of Cu-64/Cu-67 Theranostic Products”
9.55-10.30Abstract Oral presentations 
10.35-10.55Morning tea
11.00-11.50GlyTherix “Glypican-1 as a theranostic target”
11.55-12.50Abstract Oral presentations 
12.50-12.55Prizes for abstract presentations 
13.00-14.00Lunch and Tour of CAI